Frequently Asked Questions:

   How long do I need to stay off my freshly paved driveway?

​ To ensure your driveway cures properly, we suggest keeping vehicles off the surface for two days. The hot humid  weather will make the driveway softer, so a cool rain or a spray down with a hose will help the new pavement. 

   How long do I need to stay off my freshly sealed driveway?

 You may walk on it when it is dry to the touch. You may drive on it in approximately 24 to 48 hours.

     When do I take down the rope and stakes?

 You can take them down after two days and discard them.

     I can see marks or streaks, why?

 It is very common to see tool marks and streaks in the surface due to how we apply the sealer and conditions.  This is is normal and will mostly diminish over the next 3-4 weeks as the sealer cures.

     I waited 3 days and I can see tire marks, why?

 Try to keep your car in motion while turning the wheels. New sealer takes 30 days to cure but if it is hot and  humid you can also make wheel marks by turning sharply or while sitting still and turning the wheels. If you see  tire prints they are similar to fingerprints on glass and are very common. Both of these will fade in with time and  cooler temps.

     Do I need to be there when the work is being done?

 ​No, you dont need to be there when the work is being done.  For paving, we ask that you leave the garage door  open halfway or unlocked so our crews can open it.   This will ensure your driveway gets paved right up to the  garage floor. We are always sure to close the garage door when the job is completed.

   Do I need to be there when the estimator comes out to look                  at the driveway?

 For sealing estimates we do not require you to be there. If you have some problems you'd like to show the  estimator that is up to you but we do not require it. For paving,  we do suggest you be there so you can give the  estimators the vision you have for your finished driveway. 

      Are your estimates free?

 Yes! Our sealing, paving, and even commercial estimates are free of charge.


      When will I get my invoice?

 You should get your invoice within a week depending on when the work is completed. If your invoice is emailed  to you, you can pay online from the invoice by typing in your account information. You can also send a check the  old fashion way. In order to keep cost down, we do not accept credit card payments because the banks charge  over 3.5% for this service.


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